Welcome to my DIY Project Blog!

Welcome to my first blog!

I have always wanted to post details of the small, and not so small, projects I do.  Like many other DIYs out there, I develop and expand my ideas by looking at the solutions others have come up with.

It is my simple hope that someone, somewhere, will improve their project by looking at what I have done and applying something about it to their project.  I will tell you why I did what I did and what I would do differently.  I would also appreciate constructive feedback on what I could, or should, have done differently.

While I like to believe that a lot of my techniques are original, they are all in some way influenced by what others have graciously shared from their projects and experience.  Whether it’s simply learning about a tool or material I didn’t know about, or just best practices, sometimes it is the smallest detail that really gets a project going for me.  There have been many times that a new idea, sparked from others, completely changed the direction of a project!

I have many old projects that I will be posting from as many as five years ago.  Because I have slept a few times between now and then, I will have to guess about some details like material lists and estimate cost.  In the future, I will try to retain as much data as possible.

As a side note, I am also a photography enthusiast.  The photos used in the header of the blog are all my own and can be seen on my flickr page.

Thanks for visiting! I will have my first project post up soon!